Affiliate partnership terms and conditons

In this set of agreements herein referred to as the affiliate partnership terms and conditions, My Jobs refers to the website, , its other pages and its administrators whilst you/user/subscriber refers to anyone who visits and any of its pages.

Affiliate Partnership Terms and Conditions:

1. You agree that My Jobs is an international online jobs, affiliate partnership and mentorship program which grants users the opportunity to advertise/promote its products (services) for a pre-determined commission

2. You agree that My Jobs categorizes the affiliate partners into two groups: Free affiliates and Active affiliates wherein free affiliates are users who sign up to promote the products/services of My Jobs for a stated commission whereas Active affiliates are free affiliates who have already bought (or who buy) any of our products/services

3. You agree that My Jobs never promises you of any amount you have not worked for. Simply put, you agree that My Jobs is not an investment program that promises you of Return On Investment (ROI) over a given period of time.

4. You agree that as a free affiliate, you are entitled to 25% commission of any sale generated via your unique affiliate link or banner code
5. You agree that as an active affiliate, you are entitled to 50% commission of any sale generated via your unique affiliate link or banner code.
6. You agree that in case you provide wrong payment information, My Jobs cannot be held responsible for payment made into a wrong account provided by you.
7. You agree that unless otherwise stated, My Jobs insists on the use of MTN Mobile Money and PayPal as the mode of payment to its affiliates when commission is earned.

8. You agree that participating as an affiliate partner requires free subscription and automatically tags you as a free affiliate. You become an active affiliate when you purchase any of our products/services
9. You agree that purchasing our products or services is not a compulsory requirement for you to be regarded as an affiliate. Whether you buy our products/services or not you are regarded as an affiliate as long as your affiliate application is completed. Affiliate Commission is 25% for free affiliates and 50% for active affiliates.
10. You agree that My Jobs reserves the right to change any content in the terms and conditions herein with or without prior notice to the user or subscriber.

Do not apply if you disagree with any of the above terms and conditions.