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July-August,2018 Job update

Job update for July-August is internal and related to My Jobs.
My Jobs is an international online job and skill acquisition program that gives you three main opportunies
a)Learn how to develop professional websites.

b) Get updates on legit online jobs [bonus offer]
c) Earn unlimited daily income by applying as an affiliate partner
We are going to focus on point c, as a job opportunity

How to join “My Jobs”

My Jobs is not just a job opportunity. It is as well a skill opportunity platform. find more details by viewing the FAQs
Join for free as an affilate partner after reading and agreeing to the affiliate partnership terms and conditions.
By following the registration procedure, you become a member of My Jobs and you now have the privilege to start earning.

How to earn

Once you become an affiliate,
1. login to your membership dashboard.
2. Click on creatives to get your unique referral link or the banner code.
3. Start sharing your links on social media

4. You earn commission if anyone clicks on your link to subscribe to the web design course
5. You earn $5 per subscriber (if you are a free affiliate) and $10 per subscriber (if you are an active affiliate) . 

Earning potential

We know you can refer more people each day but let’s assume you refer only 5 people a day

Earninig potential for free affiliates

5people a day = 5 x $5 = $25 daily
7days = $25 x 7 = $175 weekly
30 days = $25 x 30 = $750= GHS 3,750 monthly.

Earninig potential for Active affiliates

5people a day = 5 x $10 = $50 daily
7days = $50 x 7 = $350 weekly
30 days = $50 x 30 = $1,500= GHS 7,500 monthly.
This is enough and can be achieved by spending less than 30 minutes  a day

Payment method

Payment is done every weekend (Suturdays & Sundays) Via MTN Mobile Money or PayPal. You can participate irrespective of your nationality or location.


Who can participate?

Everybody can participate irrespective of their nationality. It is a worldwide program.

Note: All subsequent legit online job updates will be made accessible to Active affiliates only as a bonus package

Note: To know the difference between Free Affiliates & Active Affiliates, kindly read the Affiliate Partnership Terms and Conditions


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