Frequently Asked Questions

“My Jobs” is simply a home based affiliate marketing job and skill development program that grants users the opportunity to earn unlimited daily income and acquire skills as well.

Our main service is a full 35 step-by-step video course on how to design professional websites

We also update our active members on other legit online jobs from time to time[This is a bonus offer]

An affliate partner is anyone who applies to promote the services of My Jobs for commission having read and agreed to the Affiliate Partnership Terms and Conditions

affiliates are given unique referral link and banner code which they can access when they login to their backoffice. We pay them whenever someone clicks on their link/banner code and subsribe to the web design course.


1. Affiliates will have access to “members’ dashboard” and get their unique referral link/banner code, share it on social media and get paid for each person that clicks on their link to subscribe.
If you place the code on your website’s backend, the image below will appear on the front end of the site.
When the website visitors click on it, they will be directed to the course subscription page directly and when they pay for it, our system automatically tracks your link and credit your virtual account with the commission.
If you dont have a website, copy the refferal link and it will serve the same function when you paste it on social media
We pay our affiliates via
1. MTN Mobile Money (especially, Ghanaian applicants)
2. Paypal (especially, non-Ghanaian applicants)

We use affiliate tracking programming function that gives tracking statistics on all subscribers who clicked on a link and automatically credit the virtual account of the member whose link was clicked.

We programmed it to be able to track link-clicks up to 60 days back….This is awesome

For transparency sake, affiliates will see all tracking records and their balance when they login to their affiliate member area

1. It all depends on You. If you are a “free affiliate” and you direct even just 4 subscribers every day, you get (4 * $5) = $20 every day , which is $600 every month and $7,200 a year.
If you are an “active affiliate” and you direct even just 4 subscribers every day, you get (4 * $10) = $40 every day , which is $1,200 every month and $14,400 a year.
2. If you happen to be an active affiliate, the website design knowledge you get is a whole profession on its own…You can develop website for companies, institutions,organizations, individuals etc and earn good amount of money
Our 35 step-by-step-web design course is so powerful
3. As an affiliate, you get other legit online job updates from time to time [this is a bonus offer]

The program is designed for everyone irrespective of their country or nationality.

We make payments every weekends (Saturdays and Sundays)
There will be no need for you to place withdrawal request. Once you have at least $5 as an earned commission, you will be paid. Payment will be sent to your Mobile Money number or paypal account you provided during registration

The only requirement is that you must have either a phone or laptop.

When you are signing up, we demand of your Mobile Money Account details or paypal email address so we will pay into your payment accounts once you earn commission